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It’s the rainy season now in Mozambique. And after the lack of rain in the past few months leaving everyone sweating and the ground gasping for water, the season is a welcomed friend. But this year the rain brought the whole family and huge parts of the country have been overwhelmed by all these precipituous relatives pounding on their doors.

So hard in fact, many people have lost houses, doors and all.

Northern Mozambique and in particular the Moma district – district of our mainland camp – were hit hard.

According to, 4790 people were affected. 958 houses were destroyed, as well as 10 mosques, four churches, 24 shops and eight classrooms.

Jack’s response to my questions about all the rain?

“yes, it’s very wet”

And he still managed to find a couple of hours of sunshine to play a bit of golf.


I went shopping on Saturday. Correction: I was made to go to the shops to help my sister find training shoes. While there I did some shopping of my own.

With Mozambique in mind I managed to get 2 short short skirts and a very funky 1 piece towelling shirt and shorts. Not sure how cool those will be on the islands but they were just too cute to pass up.

Of course there were loads of other great items on the shelves but as these were either longer than knee length, thicker than tracing paper and came in colours like black and navy blue they never made the list. I have to think like a hot shopper right now. The clothes I wear over there will have a primary purpose of covering me up without smothering me, and Moz this is something as light, small and non clingy as possible.

In addition it, in my opinion, has been best to avoid too much white. It may be the wisest colour temperature wise but not so grand dust wise. It’s a tough one.

I am imagining me in beige and Khaki – very Africa unfortunately wrong era ….


According to Wikipedia, Islomania is a craze for or a strong attraction to islands.

The word Islomaniac was first coined to describe a person who was drawn to spending their time on an island.

I’m sure there are plenty of people on the planet who dream of spending time on an island, with nothing to distract them from their sunbathing than a cool swim, a spot of snorkelling or just lunch being served. But how many people actually want to live on an island? How many of those people obsess about their own island?

Actually possessing a tropical island is a dream that few people achieve. And that is where the story of the Topuito Isles really starts. Not now in the year 2007 when I finally make the move to Moz but 6 years ago when Jack, in a heady mix of entrepreneurial desire and islomania went searching the coastline of Mozambique to find his ultimate island.

There isn’t any mention on whether Islomania is contagious but I seem to have caught it.

There are worse afflictions I’m sure.

Just before Christmas I quit my job to go and live in the middle of nowhere, in a city, on a river, on an island. This blog is about going to Nampula Province in Northern Mozambique and joining my partnerĀ on theĀ Topuito Isles project.