I was going to write a couple of posts about our trip to Nejovo island last week but decided to skip it and write about now – there will be plenty more trips to the islands. Needless to say the trip was wonderful – beautifully warm sea and lots of sunshine time to read and relax. The roads are particulary bad because of the rains so the drive was long and bouncy – I have lots of bruises to tell that tale.

 Right now though I have been settling into life in Nampula. We have been trying to find a house to rent – the one we were meant to be renting fell through because the guy who owns it was supposed to move into a new house he has been building but of course this is taking a long time and he doesn’t want to be tied to a particular date of moving out – I think it has more to do with him wanting to find a way to get more money for it though.

we looked at another house right on the park which is one of the “better” areas. The property is huge with a massive garden at the back and smaller one in front –  plenty of room to build a pool which is essential to us. They have unfortunately cut down all the trees that used to surround the house making the interior quite a few degrees hotter – lots of Mozambicans prefer to have concrete gardens. But they will grow back in time. The actual house is very odd – a flat 50’s style design with stunning parque flooring, huge lounge and wide beautiful entrance verandah but the bedrooms are small and concentrated in one tiny corner of the house. The kitchen and bathroom are also small although they are quite neat. The rent is expensive so while we consider this place we are trying to see if there is anything else available. Houses here are hard to come by and when they do they ask for exorbitant prices because they reckon foreigners have lots of money  – and the problem is that they do end up paying these prices making it worse for everyone.

But I am looking forward to having somewhere with a nice big garden. The flat we are staying in at the moment is alright except that it is about twice as hot inside than out.

Saturday night we went out for drinks and pizza with some of the foreign workers here – mainly English or French teachers but was a fairly interesting crowd including someone who works for an organisation that clears landmines – not my job of choice but he seems happy with it.

Yesterday we went to a friend’s farm for lunch and ended up leaving at about midnight largely because we had some trouble getting a taxi to come out ton fetch us. They just wanted to try their luck in charging us far more than we were willing to pay. Eventually Jack called his manager, woke him up in fact and he organised a taxi, arriving at the farm in the taxi – that’s a very dedicated thing to do – get up late on Sunday night to make sure your boss gets home alright.

I met some of the older expats at lunch – people who work in distribution, salt mining, water projects etc. They actually have a 9 hole golf course on the farm and these people make up what is the only Nampula Golf club. Interesting to meet these people but as they are older it seems they are less willing to enjoy the different aspects of life here – where I find the market to be one of my favourite places and the best place to get fresh produce they stay well away instead enduring a lack of this or that food because Shoprite doesn’t stick it at the moment. Perhaps it gets harder to give up your luxuries when you are older. For me it’s all part of the fun of being here.

I have been getting into my work a bit more successfully this week with my “Beginners Lessons” almost complete (50 in total) and spent the day gathering resources like pictures and games etc. But it takes some motivation to get up and away from the fan to do any work at the computer.

But life is very simple here. Sleep, get up, work, read, go to the market and shops for whatever supplies are needed. Go out with whoever is around – no real need to dress up. There isn’t anything complicated like trying to fit in more than one social arrangement or sitting in traffic or trying to find something to wear or what will I do today/tonight/tomorrow. It’s a case of just doing whatever you are doing. Like right now – it’s raining – all the people who have been doing business or socialising in the streets as is most common here have had to leave all that and find somewhere to stay dry. And so be it until tomorrow when they will be back at their tasks in the sun. Until then …. I am going to watch the rain