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It’s been some time since I have updated this blog, and a while since I have been in Mozambique. We went back to SA for an important family birthday and got stuck there for over a month. Reasons for staying so long? – something always comes up, a 30th, then a meeting, then the weather keeps us indoors and lazy – who knows.

But it’s great to be back. I didn’t expect to feel such relief to arrive at Nampula airport but somehow as I stood waiting for my luggage and watching the pink purple sunset peeping out from behind the dark outline of palm trees and rock heads I felt happy to be home. Because although I haven’t been here for very long I have chosen this as home for the next while.

┬áSo what has changed since I have been away? Not all that much as it turns out – It was kind of silly to think much would. A couple of people have left, there are some new relationships formed, but in general everything is much the same.

What has changed is the weather, it is now quite a bit cooler. I am now wearing long trousers – not so much because I have to but because I can. I no longer need to have the helicopter fan blasting next to me just to be able to sleep.

The traffic cirlce is also in the process of being re-tarred – a miracle! And for now the road is closed so the noise of traffic is less especially at night – no more races up and down the drag. But my street sweeper is still around and each morning at 4am I am welcomed back with the swish swash that irritates me so much.

Shoprite is low on just about everything it seems, milk is harder to find and it’s citrus fruit season now with no avos or mangos around. But the tangerines are sweet enough.

The sky is a bit overcast and the city seems to have calmed down. But my hawker guys are still here outside our gate and they had a good laugh seeing me again yesterday, repeating those same English phrases they are so fond of – “Hello girl”, “give me money”, “sister”.

The little boys at the market were excited to see me to, they have their white woman to crowd, trying to sell their plastic bags, offering their grocery carrying services. The price of the bags has gone up from 2 MTN to 5, perhaps they have forgotten that I know the price.

It’s good to be back. There is something sweet about going away and coming back to the same old same old.