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At 41, Hilario, our welder, brings experience and a responsible approach to his work. Working for Fresh Limitada for the past 16 months he has shown himself to be reliable and hard working with the promise of growth. He is always willing to do whichever jobs needs to be done. And always has a polite word or two to say, in English.

His motivation? Hilario wants to create better conditions for his family, which consists of a wife, 4 daughters and a son, who live in Nampula City.


Tafadzwa Moyo

As manager, Nox spends his time running between government offices, suppliers and the camp at the coast, making sure everything, absolutely everything, is in order. And that’s not an easy task here in Mozambique.

From Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Nox moved to Moz at the tender age of 19. Now at 22, he has learnt all about business and bureaucracy,  married the lovely Arlette and become dad to the cutest little boy, Manuel.

What makes Nox stand out, apart from his philosophy of hard work, is that he is always the smartest looking guy around.

One of the main forces behind Nox’s ambition, is that he would like to create better conditions for his son, Manu.

Jack Truter

Jack is the main man. The head honcho. Finding the islands over 6 years ago, at the young age of 22, with a vision of an eco lodge and a dream of making it real, he started the company Fresh Limitada.

Jack is a hands on type of guy and he has experience renovating and building in Italy, Germany, England, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

Only someone with the amount of optimism and enthusiasm as Jack would have gotten as far as he has.

Read more about Jack’s story and dreams at:

It has occurred to me, that although this blog is meant to be primarily about the Topuito Isles and our development of them, I have been sidetracked into writing mainly about Nampula and places and happenings in the area. This is mostly because I have been spending most of my time here in Nampula while we finalise licences and documentation before we can start constructing on the islands.

But I have decided now to keep this blog going in two parts. One will be about the islands, Fresh Limitada and the development, what we are doing towards this, what needs to be done, daily trials and triumphs. The other will be all the stuff that is happening in my life while I am here in Mozambique, whether it be in Nampula, on Ilha or a journey to a neighbouring country.

Tomorrow I am off to the coast. Just a quick trip and an even quicker trip to the islands for the staff changeover. I will be working on staff profiles so get ready to meet the team ….

Nampula Golf Club

Nampula has a golf course. And it’s the most exclusive golf club in Mozambique with only a handful of members. No it isn’t expensive or reserved for a select few, it’s just that the people of Nampula haven’t caught onto the idea of playing golf yet.

The golf course and club were born on the Gett Lda farm just outside of the city centre as a means of having something exciting to do or something like that anyway. I’m sure they were just itching to play some golf and had the space so, hey, why not build a course. Now there are 7 holes in total which can be played from different sides to get in an 18 hole game. The greens are sand and the fairway can be a bit rough. But the views are fantastic, the company good and actually getting out there and hitting some balls (when I can) is a highlight of my week. For just 800 Mtn a month I get membership, use of clubs and balls, caddies, and lessons.

Straight away though you can see that one of the biggest successes of the Nampula Golf Club is the children’s programme. Each week I see more and more kids there learning to play golf. And they even have kids golf club sets sponsored by St Andrews! They line up in a row, do their warm ups, practice their shots, get distracted at times, of course, but they’re learning the game. Soon they will be able to beat me. Hang on, they probably can beat me now, I’m not very good….