Got the moans out yesterday, today is all about looking at some of the positive things this time of year brings to Nampula and Mozambique.

 First of all there is the weather. It’s much cooler right now, and we even have some days, like today, that are overcast and a bit rainy. Inlike other countries where the rain is a curse, cold weather a burden, this is most welcome. There is no longer the need to change clothes 3 to 4 times a day, sweat stains become less, the air isn’t so oppressive and walking to the shops doesn’t make you feel like you’ve run a marathon. Also, it is now enjoyable having a coffee rather than some sort of sweat therapy.

It’s great to be wearing long trousers and sometimes even long sleeved tops. This makes getting dressed to go out a bit more of a, well, dressy occasion. Also there are times when closed shoes are almost necessary which of course gives the feet a break from dusty streets and dirty pavements.

The roads have improved because there isn’t so much rain. This cuts our journey to Larde by an hour, still a bumpy ride, but there are less and less lakes on the road.

There are less mosquitoes now which means less risk of getting malaria, although not safe enough to relax entirely but at least there is that extra protection of a blanket covering you at night and a mosquito net is no longer so oppressive.

Tangerines are in season, the easiest fruit in a place where the policy of eating fruit is limited to peel it or leave it due to germs all about.

I can sit on the balcony and watch the sunset without burning.

Everything just seems that much calmer, must be the air and the light.

I know when it gets cold that it won’t be so for too long and can take pleasure in it.

I’m sure there are plenty of things I have forgotten about right now, usually I think of something when I am walking along somewhere, but I will keep you posted. We are going, in the next few months, into the next phase of this ‘season’ which will be the warm, dry season – and with it whales, dolphins, sunshine and smiles