Pretendemos por uma festa

There is something strange going on in this neighbourhood ….

Overnight Sunday, the central park in Nampula was transformed from an open public space to a hustling shanty town of reed and grass houses, laterns lit up and music playing through the night.  There is nobody living in these houses, and there is work being done on them everyday. I don’t see any market goods being sold yet and despite the music, which must be the builders keeping themselves awake against their deadline, no parties as such.

Entao, the question is … is this this new bairo for some up and coming Nampulaners, in which case those poor sods paying thousands of dollars to rent an exclusive property on the park must be reeling, or is it merely some elaborate setup for a party????

 Party suspicions have been confirmed for 22 August – the birthday of Nampula! This will be a city wide celebration with, it seems, and hopefully, stalls and food and bars and music in the park. And I am amazed that they have so diligently started getting it ready when this is 2 weeks away – this from the same people who took 3 months to repair a major traffic circle then opened it up incomplete because they had run out of money…..

Should be fun, but alas, I may not be here for it, a visit from a sister will take me to Nacala where she will do a spot of diving and I will do what I do best, enjoy the serenity …