Although the typical island holiday involves nothing much more than lying on the beach, taking dips in the sea, and eating and drinking, there does seems an inordinate amount of planning that goes into perfecting the deserted island holiday.

I am of course so used to my own needs on the island that to start thinking about what others want is a bit of work.


So, it is both exciting and labour intensive planning a group trip to a paradise island.

First off, I needed to convince people to come. Now that was big surprise number one because I thought most people would jump at the opportunity to get out of the city and into the middle of the ocean. They did, BUT the time wasn’t right, they couldn’t get off work, they weren’t sure about the journey, they weren’t feeling up to it etc etc. I did feel a bit odd giving a sales pitch for a free holiday that most people only dream of.

Once we had everyone on board I had to organise fuel for the boat, gas for the stove and fridge on the island, fuel for the car journey and drinking water. This was quite tricky until I actually knew the numbers.

Next, food and refreshments – this involves the biggest shopping trolley and the ability to ward off the temptation to buy enough for a few months rather than days. There is some switch in our brains that tells us we need this and this and more of this…

Drinks of course are important to all, and I think we had a few returns to the shop to buy more over the course of the day before departure – lucky we did cause seems we drank it all!

While all this is going on, the guys at the coast camp have been informed of our trip and are hopefully doing essential stuff like checking the boat, making sure the skipper will be there when we need to leave etc….  as it turned out the boat was out of oil and somebody forgot to mention that the snorkel gear had moved from the island to the river camp, but we made a plan and survived.

The biggest mission of all was convincing all island goers that we should leave earliest in the morning to get the road journey over with and once that was done, to actually get everyone packed and on the road by the designated time – we almost made it, only 1 hour out….

It is all made much easier by the fact that we have tents and beds and lamps and kitchen goods on the islands already so after the fuel and the food and the fun loving crowd, all we need pack is personal items of clothing and a game or two if someone remembers …