Africa 2 Pensao – This is a fairly clean pensao at the bottom of Ave 24 July. The rooms are standard but nice but make sure you get a room with a bathroom. Some rooms have bathrooms separate. There is breakfast included but we missed it cause it ends at 9am.

Pensao Martins – we moved here on the second day primarily because there is a pool and restaurant at the back. But be warned, the pool is booked out for kids parties on weekends so poolside lazing is out. But the rooms are cleaned daily, there is airconditioning and free internet in reception. Also on Ave 24 July.

Mundos –  probably one of the more well known eating, drinking spots in Maputo but it comes at a price. The pizzas are good but one would hope so given they are more expensive than eating out in a reputable restaurant in Joburg or Cape Town. We were charged a 175 Mtn service fee, only to be charged this again on a separate, later drinks bill of 3 beers! Someone is trying their luck.

The Polana Hotel – had cocktails here. Very yummy and beautiful setting. This is a typical old school colonial era type hotel with palm lined grounds, large balconies and leather couches in the bar area. The cocktail menu consists of signature cocktails from all the Serena group of hotels around the world. I had a David Livingston, from the hotel in Vic Falls.

Mimmos –  a South African chain restaurant serving Italian, this is a fairly safe bet but can be boring if you’re looking for a more Mozambican experience. The service is good, pizzas and pasta too.

The Arabic takeaway place of Ave 24 July – can’t recall seeing an actual name but this was a favourite lunch spot. Can get falafel or humus sandwhiches, in a pitta bread for only 50Mtn and it’s good! The Arabic pies were a disappointment as there was about 1 mm of filling in each – but what can you expect for 10Mtn…

The bookshop next to Villa das Mangas – if you’re looking for a map of Maputo or a road map of Moz, this was the only place we found that had them, also had a guide book to Moz. And they have English mags.

Vintage Indian Restuarant – this also hails from SA but they have great curries and the decor in the Maputo branch is far more cosy than the one in Cape Town. The manager/owner is very helpful but watch out he tends to order dishes for you that lean on the more expensive side – if you’re watching your budget ask the price first or just order from the menu.

The Maputo Waterfront – a restaurant and large pool catering for the rich mainly expat community of Maputo. The service is great, the views good and the food looks good. I only had some chips. I wouldn’t say this is the most exciting spot in town but that could be my own aversion to feeling like I am in mini SA when in a totally different country.