No longer need I feel bound to eat all my meals at the Carrusca Restaurant when I am staying in Chocas Mar. I have finally, belatedly discovered the 2 Coqueiros Bar and Restaurant. This is the restaurant attached to the hotel school in the old Naval Academy in Cabaceira Grande. I knew it existed but didn’t really know.


The restaurant sits at the back of the hotel school (one can also stay in one of 2 rooms here) in a lovely simple garden setting which is beautified in the evenings with hanging lanterns and lit pathways. The staff is friendly, well spoken and generally helpful. And the food – well there is a menu but as most people will tell you, you usually need to ask for what is available that day, as is the case in most places in the area. But what they do produce is lovely and comes at an even lovelier price – what I would expect all prices in a country like Moz to be.


Unfortunately the wine turned out to be not so well priced. We ordered some, what we perceive as cheap Portuguese wine, assuming that it would be in the same category as Graça, which on the menu is priced at 210 per bottle. But the bill arrived with a tag of 420 per bottle. We complained and the managing staff arranged for the price to be lowered. All fine until one of the owners sent us a note to say we had to pay the full 420 and that’s that. Then she proceeded to come up with all sorts of excuses from “it costs us to get it here” and “the menu you see is old” to “it’s for charity.”

Firstly, it costs just the same to get a bottle of Graça there, then if the menu is old you are legally obliged to show the new one or customers can pay the old prices and lastly, if this was all for charity why didn’t we all just do away with dinner and put some money in a box. This is a restaurant and we expected reasonable service. I feel we got it until the end when the owner was unable to let go of her ego. I won’t order wine there again.


But on the more interesting side, there is a small homeopathic laboratory there, headed by one of the staff who is learning the trade. This is definitely something I would be interested in going back for…