We have finally moved out of the flat and into a house proper. And just in time to miss the oven-like effect the flat acquires in the summer months! Now we have joined the world of the expat and live in a large house opposite Shoprite. And everybody knows about location, location, location.


The house itself is typical of all the old Portuguese style houses in Nampula. The lounge has lovely parquet flooring, there is a tiled entrance veranda, the kitchen is somewhat cramped and dingy. But there is a beautiful garden in which we enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in each day. It is, of course, a tropical garden so there are plenty of creep crawlies and I worry incessantly, and as the others say, needlessly, about snakes. But if there were snakes there wouldn’t be rats, which there are – I’m still deciding which is worse.


We are in what is called the ‘Dependenzia’ which is like a granny flat except that I’m not a granny even if I am nearing 30. Our ‘space’ consists of 2 rooms, a bathroom and a covered veranda. The plan is to make one of the rooms an office – we’re just waiting for the paint to dry so my office right now is the veranda – not bad, working on a computer in the garden, watching the staff work.


Yes, that is another essential ingredient in this expat lifestyle I now find myself in – the staff. And somehow, in the move, we ended up with a lot of them. We have 2 maids, the one that was here already and the one we had before. The thinking is that Ancha can do all the cooking which she is good at (she does vegetarian meals!) and Augusta can do most of the cleaning, which she is much better at than Ancha. But it still seems a bit excessive really. Then we have the guardas – one at night and one in the day. Not sure why we have these as we also have 2 Alsatian dogs which keep everyone away. But the guardas do the gardening too… and they feed the dogs.


And did I mention the food? We have lunch cooked for us every day and served in the garden (or wherever we want it I suppose). This is what makes me feel most like I have jumped back and era or two – I keep thinking I should be kitted out in my white linens or perhaps my ever so stylish safari suit.


Yes it is excessive, but I must say it is rather lovely!