After loads of uncertainty and holding collective breath at the end of last year, this new year looks as if it is going to be the one for doing.

December was a crazy month of rushing to South Africa with the boat so it could get into the repair workshops before the holiday season closures. As it is two of our staff members, drivers Domingos and Mamvura had to spend not only Christmas but New Year’s in Joburg and Nelspruit. I think Domingos, who’s visit was his first time outside of Mozambique, must be the best English student of all of the staff after 3 weeks in SA. And he may even have gotten used to the size and scariness of Joburg by the time he left. Maybe not.

Now the car, the boat and the new desalination equipment is in Nampula, at last. Desal stuff means water on the islands which not only means a more pleasant stay and the imminence of flush toilets but also that building can begin. Yay! This is where the exciting stuff starts. I can’t wait to see the resort taking real life shape after the last year of paperwork and waiting. I’m not a very patient person, I like to see things get done.

So, I think I am going to dedicate the next few posts (and first few of this year) to explaining what needs to be done construction wise, as much as I can anyway. I am not so technical on the building side of things but I have picked up a term or two over the years…