While I think the islands are perfect as they are, there are, believe it or not, people out there who prefer to have running water, a bed, some comfort and a place to order something to eat. Actually, to be honest, so do I. So even though I enjoy the islands as is, I can’t wait for the day I can jump off the boat onto a jetty, order an ice cold cocktail at the bar while I wait for my luggage to be unloaded and taken to my villa. I can just imagine the feeling of waking up in the morning to a spectacular view, fresh food in the fridge and the sea ready to welcome me for my swim just meters away. Then being able to walk back up to my villa, have a hot shower, think about what I am going to order for lunch and wander over to the swimming pool.

Admittedly I have had quite a bit of time to perfect my vision, having spent hours on the islands running through scenarios of what we would like to build here.

Not cast in stone, or rather wood, yet, these are the basic plans for the Topuito Isles. 

Each island will have its own self contained central lodge. This will be the place where we would have the bar, the restaurant, the reading room, lounge and a huge deck overlooking the sea, perfect for sundowners and cocktails anytime.

Then there will be a separate sports centre for all the activity stuff such as diving lessons, scuba and snorkelling equipement, games and sports equipment, organised activities such as dhow trips and deep sea fishing expeditions will be arranged here. 

Next is the central swimming pool. Even though there is a beautiful sea all around a pool is for those times when you want to have a calm dip without any waves, or salt, when you want to get some exercise doing laps or just a place to chill. There will be a mini bar there of course, another good reason to hang out there.

Now, this is the special part. We don’t want the islands to become one huge tourist resort kind of place, you know, the type where there are rows of chalets cramped together along the beach and package tourists arriving by the boatload. We want it to be a place where people can enjoy it as much as we have. And that means privacy. So, on Caldeira island, there will be some beach houses which will operate like any hotel or lodge, you book a house and stay there, with use of all facilities. Plus there is also going to be some private villas, these are going to be a bit bigger but still discreet and private. This is what I am seeing when I picture myself in a few years. Nejovo Island will be exclusively private villas, making it a private island.

The lodge buildings and villas are all going to be built out or wood and natural materials so no concrete and gaudy colours. The design is simple and African cause we’re not trying to pretend we’re in Europe. But, seeing as Jack is such a perfectionist, everything in the buildings will be top range of course.

All this aside, I just can’t wait till the night I get to sleep with a roof over my head but the breeze blowing in and a view of the sea as I fall asleep… in comfort. Oh, and being able to go to the toilet, a proper flushing one, at night without a torch and stick to ward off anything that might want to jump out at me!