They’re just back from the islands and all I have heard is how absolutely amazing it was. I’m jealous and I have stayed there plenty of times and will stay plenty more times!

It was a guys week away before Ben’s wedding and so I graciously stayed away and took it while I had to listen to the daily updates on all their amazing adventures while there.

All I can say is it sounds like the perfect holiday in paradise. First off, they had perfect weather and slept outside on the beach under the stars every night. Next, at least one person caught one fish each day, usually more than one! I don’t care too much about fishing but when I heard they had been swimming for over an hour with dolphins I felt a strong tug of jealousy. Not to mention seeing turtles in the water and counting the shooting stars at night.

But then there are the usual tales of male bonding and testosterone like soccer matches on the beach, running aroung naked getting burnt like a piece of boerewors, drinking copious amounts of beer by lunchtime and teaching the staff obscene expressions and words in English. That I am glad I missed!

But I think it has been a good opportunity for Jack to reacquaint himself with the miracles of what he has and to remind him just how perfect it all is. Me, I am excited because I listen to all these stories knowing that by the middle of February I will be staying on the islands almost permanently while we set up the beginning phases of building.