What do you buy if you know you are staying on an island for a month? This is the question I ask myself today as I prepare to hit the Nampula shops in search for provisions for our upcoming stay on the islands, the longest yet.

I know I have to get loads of things like rice, pasta, tea, coffee, sugar and oil. I have also added tins and tins of things like beans and chickpeas, mushrooms and tomato puree to my list. Then there are dry goods such as lentils, dry beans and nuts and cereals to consider. Not to mention all the extras like toilet paper, washing powder, toothpaste, matches, extra pots and cutlery. Then I have to consider how we are going to get fresh vegetables and fruit while we are there. Some things we can take with us and they should keep for a while such as potatoes, onions, garlic, pumpkin, coconut and lemons but in the long term I have created a vegetable growing project for myself. Buying seeds is the easy part, getting them to grow is the challenge. I also have a number of sprouting seeds which require some sort of container to grow them in. Add this to my list.

Now that I have my list, I need to source everything as there is no one shop in Nampula that stocks all. I also need to find the best prices and the right quantities for everything. This could be a whole day affair, an adventure to the shops of the big city I will be leaving behind for a while.