Tent on Nejovo

Yesterday the 25th february marked our arrival at our new home on nejovo island. And it couldn’t have been a better day. Waking up to a parfectly still and sunny day at larde camp, i decided to go to the island with the first boat, leaving behind some of my worries of overloading and big waves. The sea was completely flat and we made it here in about 20 minutes. Just past the river mouth we met up with the first of our lancha boats taking materials across.Where the lack of wind was a blessing for us, for them it meant rowing the whole way. We left them in our wake and sped off to the little island shining gold in the sun.It feels different arriving somewhere when you know it is going to be home rather than holidays. Instead of my usual immediate frolicking swim straight off the boat, i got onto land with a head full of plans for where what how.

Before lunchtime we had managed to set up our tent and sleeping site next to the area designated for the basic huts we’ll be building in the coming weeks. The main camp was repaired after the cyclone of the previous week and the kitchen arranged of its groceries and stuff

My new home aka tent is positioned in a cool shady spot with views on 3 sides of the sea. It is a 20 second walk to the sea. I have a table and a chair and have already found joy in sitting here with my laptop, looking out towards the sea.