Day 3 living on nejovo and we’re back to scorching hot. Slowly slowly i am getting into the rhythms of this life. The days follow a pattern of cooking, eating, and writing for me, building for jack. I manage to slip in some swims in between. I also find myself doing all those traditional womanly things such as sorting out my kitchen, doing hand washing, some sewing repairs and planning our meals. The guys come to me with their health complaints as i am the one with the medical box. It is easier to get into this role here as there are no modern distractions for me to prefer.

Making our lives easier is all the freeplay energy appliances we brought with us. Put simply, freeplay make appliances that use power from human energy or solar energy. They make torches, lamps and radios that are recharged by winding up by hand. We also have what is called the weza, a battery that is charged by foot pedal power and which we use to charge our phones, laptops and lights. It makes such a difference having good lighting and contact with the outside world, making us feel we really can have the best of both.

Other more enviro friendly choices we have made include a solar cell phone charger and a clay water filter so we don’t need to keep buying the bottled variety. Of course eventually we would have like all our power on the lodge to be solar and wind but prices are still too high and for the moment we are looking at half solar half generator power.

Personally i am getting my daily energy from the sun and lots of beans. Soon i will try growing some vegetables to supplement these things until then, bean curry anyone?