Monday morning 8am and it is already so hot my upper lip is sweating from the strenuous task of sitting. I had a swim which was glorious but the coolness lasted only a few minutes once i got back to my chair. .It has taken me a while to do anything today with this heat but the good news is that there are a lot of clouds and this high humidity usually means rain which should cool things down a bit.

The changing of the guard happens today. When the lanchas arrive, if they ever do in this lack of wind, they will bring with them 2 new guys to stay here for the next 2 weeks and the same for caldeira. They don’t know what they’re in for, unless they have heard reports from the lancha guys. Jack works hard and there is no more sitting on an island for 2 weeks listening to the radio.

Already the first house is looking more real with the structure complete and the walls of the bathroom in the process of the same. Soon they will start on making the walls with makuti which is like a woven palm frond.

The dragonflies are out in full force today, gliding and playing around the dune creeper and flowers just in front of me.

Last night we made bread on a stick over the fire. Was fun and turned out not half bad. I am already sick of beans but hopefully nox will send us some fresh veg tomorrow…