Rainy season on the islands means a bit of actual rain every few days or so and the chance to watch the storms brewing and breaking over the mainland. There are times when the land in front will be completely covered in dark grey clouds and nejovo and caldeira to the left of us will still be perfectly sunny, like bright yellow beacons amongst the clouds.
mainland coast.

Sunset yesterday evening was a mix of bright oranges and reds to the left and sky lit up by lightening to the right. This amazing display got more dramatic the darker it became until we were watching the entire sky light up in electricity behind the clouds bordering the mainland coast. By the time we went to bed we were watching the stars being momentarily outdone by white sheet lightening.

Besides the weather we managed to get the water tower up and almost done. I developed a bladder infection which isn’t very nice in the middle of nowhere but managed to self medicate with lots of water, vitamin c, citra soda and watermelon brought over by lancha in the morning. Today it seems to be gone.

More and more boats are appearing on the sea as the weather improves and fishermen try to make up for lost time. Right now as i look out over the sea i can see the black sails of the mozambican dhow in front, one to the right and a couple to the left towards caldeira.