This stay on the islands is the first time i have ever seen birds other than crows and the odd owl. But there are 2 new types of bird here, that i have seen so far and thayt is only from where my tent is. I haven’t even begun to explore the forest or the other side of the island.

The first set are small cute birds with a serious case of curiosity. They are a reddish brown and the male has a black head with white zig zag stripes. They love to hang around here and i am hoping they find the fresh water i have put out for them. The other birds, of which i have counted 3, have been harder to see as they like to stay high up in the trees at the start of the forest. As far as i can tell they are red brown with blue on their wings and underside. I almost got close enough for a picture today but didn’t have my camera.

Along with the birds we have noticed other creatures that were absent before. There are now dragonflies, butterflies, lizards, grasshoppers and unfortunately a host of new flies, some sort of flying cockroach thing and new types of spiders. But to me this all seems good news that we have been doing something right, to get wilkdlife to return to an area after years of them staying far away is no mean feat!

Tomorrow, being sunday and hopefully less work going on, i think is time for a walk around the island. We also need to use this time to inspect the 50+ coconut palms we planted.