water tower

I am writing this from my hammock which we dug out one of the tents today. It’s a beautiful day with picture perfect views. But the lanchas never came because they say the weather is too bad. From this side it looks like they were maybe just tired and wanted a rest, it is har work sailing 11 kilometres sometimes rowing without a sail!

By the end of the day yesterday we got running water going to a tap in the camp and one just by our tent. Today the blokes have been burying the pipes so we don’t have tea temperature water all day. It looks like hard work with this sun. I have also been suffering in the heat helping jack measure out the two chalets we are going to build. At first it was difficult to imagine the final product but now i have fallen in love with chalet number one and its views. It really is in the perfect spot so i am very excited for when i can move in although i do suspect this will be for visitors. At least i can always go and sit there when nobody is around.

Other exciting news in my life is that i made chapattis for the first time last night. It was a huge success especially good with fejaoda or bean stew.

Today will be the day i take the kayak out. Every evening i watch the guys taking it to the boat for a check up and envy the way they make it look so easy and graceful. One day i must take a picture of them kayaking in the sunset otherwise nobody would believe me when i say it looks like something out a travel brochure.