Guys working

Today is an overcast day with big rumbles of thunder and soft patters of rain. Good settling in weather. Without the ever present temptation to stay in the sea i have been able to get myself used to daily routine.

jack too has started his daily routines. Work has begun. This is what it sounds like. 
The cries of arrival of 2 more lanchas and the scrape of sand under wood as the pull them heavily loaded onto the beach. The rolling of big empty plastic water tanks and the knocking of wood poles as they’re gathered and shouldered to the camp. 
The drone of the generator and whining of the wood plane as poles are cut for our water tower.
The voices of teaching and learning and discussion as jack initiates the guys into the use of power tools. 
The laughing and exclamation of excitement as word reaches us of approval of our final licence.

We all stop for a moment to watch the cobra, mini cyclone, wind its way over the sea somewhere near angoche then get back to work, enjoying the break from the heat and the booms of thunder as background to the noise of our progress.