i keep talking about the lanchas arriving so now it’s time to speak about those guys who get them here. previously fishermen from Larde, these 8 guys are now officially Fresh Limitada employees and yesterday they arrived wearing their new work shirts. looks great!

Often they come here and leave on the same day, stopping only for food and maybe a bit of work but there have been a couple of occasions where they stay overnight and then help out with house building. It’s such a pleasure to hear them chat and laugh while they work. The expressions and voice tonations used in their home language, Koti, are amazing to listen to with the high pitch for quoting someone to the dismissive sounds of disapproval. What is especially nice is to hear them laughing and enjoying themselves.

At night they all sit in the camp in complete darkness listening to the radio and waiting for food to cook. It always seems a bit quiet when they go and i find i look forward to their arrivals now not just for the stuff but also the good mood they bring with them to the island.