After all the disaster and excitement of the last weekend I had decided to come back here to Nampula for a bit to recuperate and get my mind a bit settled. And it has been a good decision. It is very easy to be here sitting in the shade of the garden drinking beer to think everything is all as it has always been. I have also got flu from running around most of the cylone weekend in wet or at least damp clothes. It’s better, more reassuring to be sick in the city where I know there are pharmacies and doctors at hand. But now that Jack has gone back to do some damage repair and carry on with the construction of the houses, I find I miss being there. I have forgotten the depair and panic I felt being on Nejovo after the cyclone and can only remember the good things like the green creeper plants outside my tent everyday, the way I could just go for a swim if I got too hot, planning interesting meals from a box full of tins and sachets and enjoying the sounds of work been done around me. Now I am here feeling like perhaps I should have gone back, that I was being silly. But there is still some small voice at the back of my head telling me how it was and advising that it is better to have these good memories of the island now until I am ready to go back and collect some more. I think if I was there I would feel too sad and I don’t want that to be an emotion associated with my little paradise. Jack says some green is coming through and the rains are helping the island to heal. Work is going well and soon everything will be looking normal again. I think in a week or so I will be ready and am sure there will be some nice surprises waiting there for me, as always!