About a week ago a few of us decided to try out the new Pensao Parque restaurant. Being Nampula, anything new is exciting and greatly anticipated even if just as an antidote to our utter boredom with the same sameness of the place.

Also in true Nampula style, the restaurant is new but old, the owners having moved  their Chinese restaurant from the premises at Hotel Tropical to the Pensao Parque on Ave Samuel Kankomba. They have done the place up really niceley except for removing the trees. Alas their isn’t much park left in the pensao!

Sadly the new decor seems about as far as the improvements have gone. The menu is the same EXCEPT they have taken off the vegetarian items which, as a vege, was the only part I really liked about the restaurant. The food my companions managed to order didn’t seem to thrill them too much so guess I’m not missing out, it’s just hard work drinking beers with no food in the stomach.

But who needs food when there is karaoke? By chance we discovered the karaoke room or bar just inside the pensao. Looking more authentically asian than the sweet and sour chicken, and having the coldest beers in the place, this is a great place to hang or hide out.

The verdict? I would go back not for the food but for the singing or rather the entertainment of others singing themselves foolish. (I don’t and can’t sing) The food is unavailable to me and what I saw of it, perhaps not the best but our waiter was so incompetent he didn’t know it and grinned his way through the entire evening to a damn good tip. Friendliness goes a long way here.

Rumour has it there is chinese massage and acupuncture avaiable at PP. I will wait for someone else to try them out before I risk it!