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Passing between Nampula and Nametil, Domingos our driver pointed out a bush ambulance.

What I saw was a man on a bicylce with a capelana shaded trailer tied behind, a sick child lying under the materials with her family following a short distance behind, running the 50 kilometres to the hospital in the city.

I am told it would probably take them over three hours to get there!


Turtle on the way to the sea

Since the cyclone we have been getting lots of turtle visitors to the islands. On Nejovo we have identified at least four nesting spots, a couple of these right in front of our front door. This means there is less chance of the eggs being stolen and hopefully the first hatching of turtles on the island in ages.

The last weekend we were on Nejovo we were privelage (I say this because it is a rare thing indeed) to see a turtle on the beach laying her eggs. It was unusual because she was still there after the sun had come up and only left about an hour after sunrise. Deciding to leave her to her task we had ourselves some coffee and biscuits before seeing her off down the beach. She looked so exhausted she had to stop and rest every few metres. But once she was in the water, less than a second and she was gone.

I am hoping the eggs survive and feel nervous that I am not there to watch over the nest. It would really be a significant step for us to start learning more about these wonderful animals and to be able to play some sort of role in helping their species survive a bit longer.

In a couple of months time when the first lot of eggs should begin to hatch I hope to be there waiting, watching and recording in my book of life’s best experiences.

My view from the verandaOur house from the front

I came back to Nejovo on Tuesday after over 2 weeks away. During that time Jack was here working hard to get the building work done, or as much as possible. I knew that the first bathroom was complete and that worl had started on the walls of the house but when the boat moved over the reef line and I could see the island a whole complete house looked back at me from its post on the dune.

This is one of the greatest surprises, being able to see buildings on the island making it look like a proper hideaway! By evening the guys had done the last of the finishing touches to the walls and roof and I could move into my new home.

The house has one large room with huge windows to all round views and cool breezes, a doorway leads to the changeroom just behind. Across from this is the bathroom, a separate building with polished wooden floors, toilet, basin and shower looking out onto the sea. The veranda in front of the house is wide and shaded and the place I spend the most time, it’s where I eat, work and enjoy.

The second house is on its way and the camp has been rebuilt. It’ peaceful and beautifil here once again and the plants are growing every day. Paradise is stronger than storms it seems!