I have only been back a week and a half and I have already eaten at Batik three times and tonight will be my fourth. This is partly to do with its proximity to my house and partly because it is the most promising restaurant in Nampula at the moment..

What makes it so good is that the owners have made an effort to create some atmosphere with a comfy outside dining area, proper tablecloths and some batiks on the walls inside. Also on the plus side is the clean restrooms and the very obvious service training the staff have had. This must be the first time here that I haven’t waited at least thirty minutes for my food.

The restaurant is in two parts. One side is bakery coffee shop and the other the restaurant proper. The menu is pretty standard but they do have some good curries and a great vegetable soup. apparently the fish is good too. Drinks are a bit pricey but that comes with the territory here. All in all a good choice in Nampula. Tonight I think I will try the . . .

Batik, Rua dos Continuadores, just up from Shoprite