It’s the time of year again when there are people coming and going, collecting their money and bonus and arranging their leave. The office is busy trying to tie up all ends now that the end of the year has come.

It has been a busy year, an important year for Fresh and for the Topuito Project. An investor fell in love with the isles and signed on, and with more money coming in, the camp at Larde has grown twofold, trucks are on their way up from Maputo, staff and volunteers have been recruited, most starting early 2009, some have already begun and most significantly, wood has been bought!

Closing December 22nd until January 5th, the people of Fresh will need a break as they have worked hard the whole year with many putting in so many extra hours they almost forgot they had another life called home.

Of course with all the good this year there have been the usual share of setbacks from delayed CPI approval to problems with new boat engines delivered pre-broken to KPMG delaying the investment with unfortunate mistakes.

Now with the rainy season that has finally arrived comes a season, albeit brief, or rest. We all need it, next year is going to be full steam ahead…..

Thank you to all the people in Fresh who have helped us achieve so much this year.