I made a mission today of finding some Peaceful Sleep aerosol repellent. The shop I usually get from was out of stock and Shoprite hasn’t had it for ages. After a couple more unsuccessful attempts I had a brainwave and made my way over to the ‘malaria shop’. This is a small shop close to Shoprite that stocks all things to prevent malaria, nets, repellent, citronella candles and then things like protective work clothing (don’t ask why, it just is). So, the first thing I see walking in the door is shelves of repellent. Not only do they have the Peaceful Sleep aerosol but they have the Tabard one too. Most things have the price written on a label on the shelf below but the aerosols not. Asking the assistant, he flippantly tells me that Tabard is 180Mtn and Peaceful Sleep is 230Mtn. I say flippantly because such declarations have their own health hazard, choking by shock. I know that in other shops, when they have it, this same Peaceful Sleep costs about 75-85 Mtn, how can they, the people who are there to help people prevent malaria, honestly charge such a huge, ridiculous amount?
No wonder their shelves are full? Not many people here can afford to buy anything at their prices.

And so, tail between legs I went back to Shoprite, and bought the Tabard cream for 115Mtn.