It has occurred to me, that although this blog is meant to be primarily about the Topuito Isles and our development of them, I have been sidetracked into writing mainly about Nampula and places and happenings in the area. This is mostly because I have been spending most of my time here in Nampula while we finalise licences and documentation before we can start constructing on the islands.

But I have decided now to keep this blog going in two parts. One will be about the islands, Fresh Limitada and the development, what we are doing towards this, what needs to be done, daily trials and triumphs. The other will be all the stuff that is happening in my life while I am here in Mozambique, whether it be in Nampula, on Ilha or a journey to a neighbouring country.

Tomorrow I am off to the coast. Just a quick trip and an even quicker trip to the islands for the staff changeover. I will be working on staff profiles so get ready to meet the team ….